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Stay synchronized with the best crypto faucets with BitList!

Maximize your faucets earnings with our faucets rotator list.

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BitList is Free, and will always be! It's hosted on Github, so anyone could download it.
We are trying to integrate in on many Android Apps Sotres when possible.

Amazing Features

There are many variations of profits when using BitList to claim Faucet Rewards.

Best & Premium Faucets List

BitList contains list of best premium faucet websites which you can access them within the app.

Quick Rewards

BitList mechanism is very simple, you could easily access to faucet websites and claim rewards really fast!

Stay Synchronized

BitList implements next claim schedule timers and notifications, that guide you through to get next rewards as soon as it's fresh available.

Maximum Of Interests

As long as using BitList, you could claim the maximum possible rewards from faucets. We take care about everything, and you take care about your balance.

Explore BitList

BitList has friendly design that anyone would like. It make it easy to get used of it.

About BitBot

Born out of needs, BitList is a smart faucet list than contains the best premium faucet websites. Due to the vast Development in Faucets niche, it's always hard to maintain the best ones in a list.
BitList is the chicken dinner plate!

As simple as TODO List, BitList embraces all the best paying Faucets of all time. Steady as Ready, they are prepared for next payout.

BitList implements a smart mechanism that take care of claims for you. With next claim schedule timers, you will follow all faucets claims from a simple interface.

Even when not using the app, BitList handle next claims notifications which allows you to sum up when some faucet websites are ready for next claim.

With the Filter mechanism, you could easily filter the full list to show only the wanted faucets by type or currency.


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Feel free to contact me if you want to enhance the app. I will be happy for it

Houcem chlegou
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